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DANCE ACADEMY is a striking departure from the glitzy teen-centered shows that have infiltrated the market for the American audience. These Aussie teens don’t carry Prada bags and wear 3-inch heels to high school, where they do more gossiping or primping than studying. Instead, they’re focused on their passion for dance and are willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. When they hit bumps in the road, they deal with them with the help of friends and, in Tara’s case, a strong family unit that inspires the best in her. Their troubles with peers, dating, and personal insecurities reflect real-world issues for average teens and present opportunities for positive problem-solving and self-reflection.

Navigating teen relationships is a central theme that’s explored through the eyes of naive Tara, who copes with back-stabbing from frenemy Abigail, a rebellious influence from good-hearted Kat, and the uncertainties of romantic relationships. This pleasant series takes a realistic look at these kinds of issues within the context of an endearing story about overcoming odds and following dreams. As a bonus, viewers are treated to some impressive dancing of various styles as well as some sweeping Australian scenery.

Dance Academy is a TV show aimed primarily at teenagers which first aired on ABC1. It chronicles the adventures of Tara Webster (played by Xenia Goodwin), a fifteen year old Aussie girl from a small country town who dreams of being a professional dancer. Tara is overjoyed to be accepted into the National Academy of Dance in Sydney but the school is not quite what she expected. She learns that while she has great potential she is far behind in her training and will have to work even harder than her friends to reach her goal. Along the way she has friends trying to help her and a competitor trying to sabotage her career before it even begins. The dialogue is realistic, the acting superb and the dancing beautiful, making it all round good family viewing.